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Nutrition 4 You

Weight Loss Specialist

About Me

Alana Compton

Alana Compton

Why Hire Me

Because you….


Want to stop late night eating


Want to stop hiding food and eating in secret


Want to stop sabotaging yourself


Want to feel a natural ease around food


Want to feel good in your body and like what you see in the mirror


Want to enjoy your life instead of wasting another minute on the weight struggle



What you can expect from working with me


An understanding of why your health, fitness and weight loss plans may have failed in the past


New ways of thinking about food and exercise


Sustainable weight loss


Motivational tips, tricks and ideas to keep you on track


On going support and progress reviews


An improved relationship with food and yourself

I’m Alana Compton, and I’m a Registered Nutritionist. I specialise in working with individuals who have 60lbs or more to lose who have spent their life yo-yo dieting and whose bodies are in metabolic disorder because of their chronic dieting.



Why am I an expert at what I do?


Because I don’t just scratch the surface – diets do that and we know that never works long term. What I do is guide and work with you to uncover the root cause of your struggle with food and what’s been driving your actions to stay overweight.



Coaching is my passion!


I live and breathe this work as I practice the coaching tools daily in my own life.

I want you to know that you are not weak and you don’t lack willpower. You have reasons that are driving your overeating and I want to help you find them.



Is coaching for you?


If you are ready to stop turning to diets that don’t work and are ready to look for the answer to ending your weight struggle, then you are my ideal client. I love working with people who are eager to learn and apply the coaching tools that will help them make the shifts they want to make.


When we work together, we will have fortnightly coaching sessions that last an hour. My sessions are clear, prepared and focused so you get the most from each and every one of them.



How am I regulated?


I am a registered member of both BANT & CNHC and am fully insured with Balens Ltd.




The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) is the professional body of registered Nutritional Therapists. Its primary function is to assist its member in attaining the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, competence and professional practice.



Let’s Talk!


Now that you’ve explored the pages of my website, reviewed my coaching packages available to you, and perhaps even feel inspired by the success stories you’ve read, you might be thinking that weight loss coaching sounds like the exact thing your looking for to help you make significant changes in your relationship with food and with your body.


If so, click HERE and complete the enquiry form. I will personally respond to your message. I look forward to connecting with you!


Healthy regards,