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Nutrition 4 You

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Corporate Wellness

Bespoke packages to suit your business needs

Nutrition 4 You provides small businesses and large organisations with nutritional workshops and drop in clinics to enhance your employee wellbeing programme.


The aim is to motivate, inform and empower employees to improve their overall health.  This can have life changing benefits for your staff and increased productivity for you.



Benefits to your staff


Less stress


Better sleep


Improved concentration


More energised


More resistance to infections


Stable mood


Overall health improvements



Benefits to your company


Improve staff health, energy and performance


Attract and retain the best people


Maintained healthy workplace


Increased productivity



What are my options?


Option 1 - One Hour Workshop - £150


Option 2 - One Hour Workshop & 2 Hour Drop In Clinic - £350


(Drop in Clinic is booked in for approx 2 weeks after your workshop)


Option 3 - Three Hour Drop In Clinic - £250


Option 4 - Ongoing weekly / monthly workshop - £70 per hour



Drop in Clinics


Individual employees are given the opportunity to talk to a highly qualified nutritional therapy practitioner.


Employees can have worrying and sometimes debilitating health concerns and a one to one consultation can help your staff alleviate or eradicate some of the common causes of sickness.





Each employee will also receive a free body analysis which will include an explanation and helpful tips to improve their readings


Blood pressure






Body fat %


Muscle mass %


Resting calories


Viscal fat