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Alana is an expert in her field, with a reputation for excellence in her work. She has supported my practice, in providing dietary and nutritional advice to assist with injury rehabilitation and conditioning alike. I can recommend Alana as an extremely reliable and trustworthy professional, with the drive to help others achieve their goals."


Daniel Jones, Owner, Health & Sports Physiotherapy, Cardiff



I have totally changed the way I eat after meeting Alana for a consultation.  I feel as I have more energy as I am eating more often and smaller meals and snacking on healthy options.  Also aftercare and help in reordering vitamins etc has been hassle free and prompt.  Overall, a great service. Thanks


Gavin Rae, International Footballer



Since seeing Alana I have stripped body fat and gained lean muscle mass which aids me in my fights. My energy levels have improved tremendously and by eating the right foods at the right times I am recovering form my fights and training sessions a lot quicker.


Tony Pace, Lightweight British Masters Champion, Talbot Green



I went to see Alana with a view to losing weight, dropping body fat and maintaining muscle mass.  My aim was to become leaner and stronger to perform better during training and racing.  Alana gave me a diet plan to follow and sure enough I achieved my goals I became leaner and stronger.  I completed six months of training for a marathon and achieved my race goal.  I received regular support and advice from Alana throughout the six months – Thank you.


Anthony Cullinane, Bargoed

I've been weight training for several months with the goal to bulk up. I've been dedicated to my training in the gym but have struggled to see any results. I tried all sorts of supplements but was never sure what I should be taking. I saw Alana who put a nutrition plan in place and gave me the supplement advice I needed and I'm already seeing results.


Jason, Newport



Alana came to see my daughter and myself regarding health issues we both had.  Alana immediately put us at our ease.  She took the time to explain how to balance our diets and how the various foods groups impact on us.  She recommended vitamins for us and this in conjunction with a balanced diet has show a great improvement in our general health.  I can not thank Alana enough.


Suzanne Bowers, Cardiff



The advice and information we have received from Alana has been a huge influence on our eating habits and lifestyle.  My husband who was quite overweight, has gradually reduced it, also his visceral fat level has gone down which has greatly encouraged him and he feels much more agile and better in himself as a result.


Both of us, sometimes out of ignorance, were eating foods which were bad for our health.  Alana has educated us in such a way that we can now make informed decisions when buying our food.  She has also provided us with delicious, healthy recipes which I have made several times.  Alana has been an encouragement to us and is always available and approachable when we need any extra advice.


Sue & David Bevan, Cardiff